Family Mediation Services

At Aman Mediation, we provide a safe space for everyone to communicate effectively to settle disputes fairly while protecting one’s emotional and mental health. Our mediator’s role is to facilitate conversation, explain laws surrounding the separation, and draft documents outlining terms agreed upon by both parties.

Divorce & Separation

A separation agreement is a legal contract between a couple. It’s a written record of how a couple has settled issues related to their separation

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Parenting Plan

A Parenting plan is a written agreement between parents who separate or divorce that specifies how they will share time and decision-making for their children

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Spousal & Child Support

Spousal support is to support a current or former spouse or common-law partner as states in a court order or written agreement.

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In Canada, the division of property after the separation of a married couple is governed by the Matrimonial Property Act of each respective province (MPA).

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The Legal Cost of Divorce


on average, an uncontested divorce in Canada costs $1,845 in legal fees, while a contested divorce costs $13,638.


On average a trial that takes up to two days on family legal issues costs $18,706 and a trial that lasts up to five days costs $35,950

Rola Mustafa

MBA | LLM | Q.Med

Rola Mustafa, the owner, has an accreditation in mediation from the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution based in London, UK. She is a global MBA holder and studied alternative dispute resolution as part of her LLM in International Law at the City University of London. She is an accredited global trainer in her field and has conducted training in Syria and Canada in both Arabic and English. Rolal has more than 12 years of experience working in the Human Resources and Project Management field. She is a Workplace Fairness Analyst at Workplace Fairness International.

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Aman Mediation offers virtual and in-person services. We primarily conduct mediation in Mississauga and Toronto, however, if you feel we are the right fit for you we are able to book offices in the Greater Toronto Area close to your location.

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Why Choose Mediation

Mediation focuses on strategies that help couples create solutions that work best for their situation. In many cases, disputes appear unfixable simply because communication between two people has broken down. We guide couples toward constructive resolutions and mitigate circumstances that would create a hostile environment.

We encourage open communication and focus on building cohesive agreements that are fair and equitable for couples and families. Conflict in a relationship is completely normal, our mediators are experts and guide couples to have enlightening, productive conversations that lead to resolutions.

What You Can Expect:

  • Greater Control:

    Mediation increases the control couples have over the resolutions.

  • It’s Confidential:

    Unlike the publicity of court proceedings, everything shared during mediation is entirely confidential (unless specifically agreed otherwise).

  • It’s Voluntary:

    Both parties must agree to participate and neither party can force the other to engage in mediation.

  • Reduced Costs:

    Generally, the cost is greatly reduced in comparison with trying to settle matters through court. Traditional litigation is very expensive, and the total cost is highly unpredictable.

  • Faster Outcomes:

    Because mediation can be used in a dispute, an agreement can usually be reached quicker than if pursued through court.

  • Support:

    Mediators are trained in working with difficult situations. The mediator acts as a neutral facilitator and supports each party through the process.

  • Preservation of Relationships:

    The preservation of relationships can be a key benefit of mediation. Mediation helps participants focus on effectively communicating with each other as opposed to attacking each other. This is especially important when there are kids and spouses need to keep the communication going in order to ensure that both parents are focusing on the child’s best interest.