What is Conflict Coaching?

Conflict Coaching is one-on-one confidential support to help you work through a specific conflict and/or learn conflict resolution skills to be more effective in handling conflict generally. The conflict coach works with you to determine what your concern is regarding your dispute, your significant others’ role in the dispute, and your role in the dispute, along with your desired outcome. Once that has been assessed, the coach can provide support, guidance, and practical teachings about how to move more effectively in and through this conflict, and, ideally, in future conflicts.

Conflict coaching enables you to:

Talk about the conflict with a neutral third party (the conflict coach)

Consider options for managing the conflict

Design an approach to discuss the conflict with your partner.

Benefits of having a coach:

  • Helps to deal with people in difficult situations
  • Helps you reach your full potential and enables you to successfully communicate with your partners
  • Provides you with personalised techniques and identifies patterns and behaviours that might not have worked for you in the past.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the coaching session?

Typically coaching sessions last between 1 hour to 2 hours. The number of sessions needed depends on the complexity of your conflict. We are happy to speak with you and outline a plan depending on your goals and needs.

What is the cost of a coaching session?

The cost for coaching sessions vary based on whether it is for a family matter, corporate/workplace, or community organization. The average range is between $175 to $250.

What exactly does a coach do?

Interpersonal disputes ( including workplace) are not always about “issues,” but can be caused by how people interact with each other. An experienced coach can help a client identify their goal. By using a process of inquiry and other methods, coaches help clients to increase their level of awareness, shift their perspectives and focus on ways to achieve their goals.

Do I have to bring someone with me to the coaching session?

Our methodology is catered to our clients. If you wish to bring someone along and join the coaching session together, we are able to accommodate that. If you wish to have one-on-one time with the coach and map out a resolution plan, we can accommodate that as well. We are very flexible when it comes to working with our clients because we realize everyone’s needs and goals are different.

Do you offer virtual coaching sessions?

Yes. We are able to meet virtually if that is most convenient for you. As we begin our sessions virtually, should you decide to switch to in-person sessions we can discuss the options for that as well.