Support Services

Our mediation services help parents and partners work together to agree on fair and equitable decisions. The purpose of mediation is to assist you and your spouse to make your own decision in a collaborative manner.

Spousal Support

Payment(s) made from one spouse to the other for the purpose of providing financial support. Spousal support is based on three primary attributes:

  • Entitlement

    One partner may pay spousal support to assist with financial needs

  • Amounts

    Can range from various percentages depending on the financial situation of the individual.

  • Duration

    The duration is based on the length of time the spouses lived together, their age, and/or their financial situation.

Child Support

Payment(s) made from one parent to the other to assist in the financial obligations of raising a child.

  • Paying parent

    Decided based on the agreed upon parenting plan

  • Amount

    The amount varies depending on the income of each partner and the terms they decide on together.

  • Duration

    The duration of child support payments can also be agreed upon by parents.